Have you ever walked into a church and admired the beautiful banners placed in strategic positions to catch your eye?

They may depict a special season of our Christian year or they may just be there as an aid to worship and to praise our God.

At Dubbo Uniting Church we have the privilege of making such banners.

For over 15 years we have been providing churches, hospitals and nursing homes in NSW and interstate with these innovative creations. 

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who meet as required to design, prepare and pack kits to send to our clients.

We have a catalogue which includes dozens of designs.  There is bound to be one to suit most needs.

Banners are sent out in kit form.

The kits include all the items you need to make your banner:  fabric, felt cut ready for the design, fringe, cord and glue.  All you need to add is a rod to hang it up.

This ministry we share has brought a wonderful time of fellowship and blessing to all those involved, as we seek to discover new ways of worshipping our God through the designs we make.

If you would like more information about this wonderful ministry, contact us through the Church Office.