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David Walters is the convenor of the Mission Support Mission Team. The secretary's job is being shared by Elaine Drummond and Chris Owens.


Mission Support Mission Team will have oversight for the following areas but not limited to

Administrative Services

1.      Overseeing the staffing and function of a church office providing for the church:
practical infrastructure and its operation to meet the communications and administrative requirements of the life of the church . . .

2.      Ensuring the meeting of eg, WHS, Copyright, Privacy, Child Protection, etc requirements within the life of the church.

Financial Services

1.      Maintaining accurate financial records of all monies held in the name of Dubbo Uniting Church.

2.      Ensuring the implementation and carrying out of proper banking, accounting, and auditing procedures as required by Synod regulations.

3.      Preparing an annual budget for the congregation, including requests from all other Mission Teams, and submitting to Church Council for approval prior to presentation to the congregation for their approval and acceptance.

Property Services

1.      Managing the day to day running and usage of all church properties.

2.      The ongoing care and maintenance of all church properties held in the name of the Dubbo Uniting Church.

3.      Development of a longer term maintenance schedule for larger tasks including but not limited to painting of buildings, equipment replacement and structural upkeep.

4.      Keeping the congregation regularly informed of the state of all properties and grounds.


Preparation of the Annual Budget

To enable the preparation of an annual consolidated budget, the Worship, Discipleship, Community Connections, Administrative Services, Property Services and Catering Services will make submissions to Financial Services to enable the preparation of a consolidated budget for presentation to and approval by the Church Council; such proposed Annual Budget to be presented to the Congregation for approval.